Ferdi is an all self-taught and award-winning designer who specialized in ui/ux design and art direction, living in Istanbul, Turkey.

His father gifted his first computer when he was 10. It also had internet connection, so, from begginning he has always been surfing on the web. After six years surfing across the web, he became curious about web design. And at 16, he has started to learn HTML, CSS plus Photoshop.

In 2005 he took his first freelance web design job and earned his first money from it. After a couple of months he became one of the moderators of PHP-Fusion Turkey Official National Support Site and started to learn PHP. But he found himself enjoying design more than coding and pursued to improve his skills on design. His some PHP-Fusion themes was in the top #5 in the PHP-Fusion global theme database.

In 2007 he established his own Photoshop tutorials website called photoshopturk.org and wrote his own tutorials for beginners.

After 5 years working hard in some companies, in 2010 he joined to Enustkat Interactive as Lead Designer and worked there almost 5 years and ended up with 4 awards and countless projects.

With 14 years of total experience including branding, graphic design, art direction and ui/ux design he now works at Synchron as Digital Product Designer.